Code Of Conduct

Experimental application for non-linear experience in public space.

Within a defined public space area, code of conduct gives instructions in the form of pictograms. Until a timer runs out, an unlimited group of users has time to fulfill (or maybe not) these instructions. After that, the algorithm gives you another instruction to follow.

Freely definable hotspot-areas give you different, location-based instructions, such as „Touch“ — or „feel“. Following the history of simple Point-And-Click Adventure instructions, these rules encourage users to percept their environment again, in a very simple and straight way.

Ironically, the application is run on those devices, which distract our reception everyday.

The interpretation of the instructions is left to the user.

Code/Development: Michael Feinbier

Platforms: iOS8+ (iPhone4/5/6, iPad)

Public Beta at Sciencity 2015